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may I help you

I am your trading butler and I have been developed to read live markets and provide real results.

I don’t have the time

You dont need time as Alfred is designed to do all the analysing to buy and sell for you.

I don’t know how to read the market

You don't need to know how to read the market, Alfred reads and analyses the markets and trades for you.

It’s too late to learn

You don't have to learn, this is a completely automatic trading System Alfred does everything for you.

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What does Alfred do?

“ I don’t have the time”…”I don’t know enough” “It’s too late to learn”…these are common things we hear from clients on a daily basis, and this is why Alfred was born. Alfred is a Software Trading Program that has been developed to read the market in real time to do all the buying and selling for you.

What this means is you don’t need to sit in front of a computer reading charts, doing data analysis. There will be no stressing out while waiting for an opportunity to get into the market. He does everything for you, you dont need to lift a finger!!!

We like to think of Alfred as your private butler, catering to your needs while you sit back, relax and let him do all the work. The benefits of using Alfred is that while you’re working and sleeping he's not, so in turn he won’t miss anything, your trading potential is optimized.


See what some of our clients are saying about Alfred

Prior to being contacted by My Alfred,I have previously used the GPS Forex Robot which was not working very well for me at all,it kept losing money. I signed up with the Alfred EA and have not looked back since. The customer service is great,and I always get the answers I’m looking for. I can only speak for myself,but the program works and there are no issues I can report.

By: Dale

Was great seeing a live trial before buying it unlike a lot of other software’s out there. Beating the banks and my shares is what I was looking for and Alfred is doing that. Good referral program too with their My Alfred Association card which comes with some nice incentives.

By: Justin

Thank you My Alfred group, I've had a business account with My alfred now for over 5 months. First I was worried about it working and if its profitable or not. Now I'm so happy, it's making money everyday.
With regards

By: Khairo

After being burnt multiple times, I have to say I gave the Alfred team a hard time with getting started. I watched the trial like a hawk and after a couple days my nerves started to settle. Now after being with Alfred for almost a year, I can’t thank the team enough. No such thing as get rich scheme or at least I could find one, Alfred is slow and steady and with the team behind it, I couldn’t be happier.
With regards

By: Karen M

Pricey but it Works!!

By: Brett G

Great to be working with Australians after losing so much money overseas..Finally getting back on my feet..

By: Pauline F

Did not get along with the first consultant, but the rest of the team saved the day.

By: Mohammed A

Although the consultants I spoke to from the company sounded a little young for the industry, they were all helpful nonetheless. This style of trading I always thought to be a bit precarious, my results so far have superseded my share portfolio. I suppose you cant let oldies like me keep running the show forever. Only putting 4 starts as I never leave 5 star reviews :P

By: Miriam

I have bought MyAlferd last Friday and I have been receiving above exception. 5 star to customer service. Thank you Teniel, Shaun and Dane.
Kind Regards,

By: Litesh

Thank you to Ricky and the team for looking after me. As promised a referral is on its way

By: David

I am new to the trading scene, so when I decided to give My Alfred a try I was nervous to say the least. Sean and Tenile explained everything so well which helped calm my nerves. Going through the trial period, I could see that this system really works. I couldn't speak highly enough of the patience and assistance that Sean and Dane provided to get me over the line. Almost one week in now and I am already seeing positive results.

By: Ben O

I was first planning on doing a trial of the system but due to personal circumstances the guys came back with a package that had much better value for money. Glad I didn't need to waste 7 days and could just start making money straight away

By: Daniel

Kevin has been awesome, helping us set up Foreign Exchange trading without all the costly mistakes that traders normally make

By: Ross P

Alfred has been developed through

3000+ hours of rigorous research

Myalfred has been executing trades and conducting technical analysis research for 10 years.

Simple & efficient process

Our easy to use program takes under an hour a week to maintain.

Years of market out performance

Our algorithm has demonstrated through back testing a real money track record.


Development was done keeping the end user in mind.

Our Vision

Delivering a system that eliminates uncertainty and capitalizes on time management, thus enabling our clients to focus on other things in life such as family, business and their personal time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become an industry leader and preferred choice in providing the latest, most efficient and accurate software that analyzes the market in real time to assist our clients and organizations alike to make informed decisions.

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